Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Teakcel manufacturing Myanmar Teak in Myanmar is a movement of relocation of production.


Basic data,


-1- Myanmar teak wood in log form only that is directly coming from the forest depots in Myanmar,

-2- water resistant D4 glues,

-3- Recycled backings and core materials:

-4- Reinforced materials,

-5- Electricity from the government source.

-6- Diesel for generators only in case of urgency and safety for the team. As soon as legalised for sales to companies, we will switch all our diesel engines to LPG.

We are actively looking for suppliers of green polymers, green glues. Please contact us if you have anything to propose at  laurent@teakcell.com

-5- TEAKCELL staff is selected exclusively locally and when expertise is needed, we call a professional in order to train and test them.

Material Processing:

We are located in the government wood based industry and in the middle of the log yard.

The whole process is made in our factory of 5600 to 8000 m2. 

All the machines have been bought on revised second hand basis and given a second life. No care has been taken to repaint other than for technical protection.

Over the years, we learned to minimise the use of energy that comes mostly from the government hydroelectric sources. The energy input during manufacturing is extremely low.

TEAKCELL canceled the use of our boiler to avoid spreading in the air cov, micro particles, formaldehyde and heavy metals...

We drastically reduced our rejects in order to give away only the saw dust. 

We minimise all wastage of heat to the maximum by using the right dimension of water tanks and heaters.


We have sold out most of our delivery trucks and rely on local transporters with who we share other delivery parcels.

The remaining vehicule is managed in a way that every trip carry not only people but merchandise on the way, fully or partially to destination.

TEAKCELL minimise the use of Full Container Load (FCL). We use them only when we ship products that does not fit in our standard crates. That is the case of our bungalows from ARCHITEAK.

TEAKCELL prioritise shipment based on Less Than a Container Load (LCA). We make our own standard crate to ensure the ISPM 15 rules and that can be fully used on shop sites and fully recycled.


TEAKCELL research and development team design new products for the customers use. We sell mostly to pro's and DIY so that TEAKCELL ship them directly a product ready to install.

Whenever a project is defined, we always try to prepare TEAKCELLproduct to a dimension that minimise wastage and maximise fast installation.

End of life:

For production, TEAKCELL do not use any product that cannot be recycled or that is not already recycled before we use them.

Each product end of life

End of life of the factory has also been planned and all machines and structures can be recycled.

Social LCA: Each employe is internally trained by local or foreign experts. TEAKCELL manages in a way that more than 90% of the team can go back home with less than 15 minutes walk. Working hours are according to the local rules: 44 hours per week. 

Myanmar legally counts per year: 52 sundays rest, 25 gazetted days, 10 days yearly holiday, 30 days for medical leave, casual leave: 6 days, Birth leave 98 days.

Of course, all our staff are adults.

All the most valuable managers at Teakcell who stayed over 10 years has received a land title property as a retirement fund.

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