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$51.90 us$ per m2, EXW factory (no Tax included),


1m2 weights 1.5 kg.
Dimension depends on logs conformation and your requirements.

TEAKTAPE on most clean surfaces: walls, metals, Grp, Polymers,

Myanmar Teak wood (Tectona Grandis)
Carrier with peeling adhesion: 25N/25mm. Temperature resistance: 150 deg celcius (1 hour)

Adhesives must flow onto the substrate surfaces in order to achieve intimate contact area and allow the molecular force of attraction to develop.
The degree of flow of the adhesive on the substrate is largely determined by the surface energy of the substrate but Primer may be needed for good adhesion.
(High surface energy)
Aluminum Stainless Steel Copper Zinc Tin Lead Anodized Aluminum Glass
Polyimide Phenolic Nylon Alkyd Enamel Polyester Epoxy Paint Polyurethane,
(Medium surface energy)
ABS Polycarbonate PVC PPE Acrylic PU Enamel Powder Paint,
(Low surface energy)
PVA Polystyrene Acetal PVDF Paint Powder Paint EVA Polyethylene Polypropylene PVF Silicone PTFE.

Pressure by hand:
Typically, good surface contact can be attained by applying enough pressure to ensure that the tape experiences approximately 15 psi (100 kPa,1 bar) pressure.
Either roller or platen pressure can be used. Note that rigid surfaces may require 2 or 3 times that much pressure to make the tape experience 15 psi (1 bar).

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