Teak with botanical name: Tectona grandis. Wikipedia Teak

Myanmar belongs 50 to 70% (depending on sources) of natural Teak forest in the world. 

The country surface is 42% covered with trees. Myanmar Times.

World country/Forest area gives an idea with an approximate percentage of the forest area per country worldwide.

April 2014, Myanmar stops exporting wood in log form.

Myanmar creates the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation MONREC and plan to reforest 600,000 acres over the next decade.

2017-2018, MONREC & MTE create the Myanmar Forest Certification System (MFCS) and the Myanmar Timber Legality System (MTLAS)

Replantation demands heavy investment with very long returns when talking about Myanmar Teak. 

Myanmar Teak takes 60 to 100 years to grow before being harvested. Hence, its extraordinary botanicals and technicals advantages over most other wood species.

Forest investors in the world usually favor replantation of fast growing trees like pines, palm trees, teak from plantation harvested after less than 25 years. That is of course, because the faster the harvesting, the faster the financial return on investment.

Are Teak Quarter sawn board by board only,  Teak veneer log by log and Teakcell 3 different companies?



 Teak Quarter sawn board by board,

 Teak veneer log by log are the commercial name of Red Ink limited. 

 Red ink limited belongs these brands as well Myanmar Peltier bois ltd, the factory, a 100% foreign investment under the Myanmar Investment commission since 2002.

We separated our activities because they each have their own market share. 

Teak, during his 60+ years growths, face many different climates situation and grow basically anywhere and quite widely in Myanmar. So many defect appears. Using only the best trees would be a waste of the precious resource.

So, we designed our factory around teak manufacturing specifically and for on Myanmar context. We would never do the same factory if we were dealing with another wood specie.

Why does TEAKCELL, (a 100% foreign investment company) decide to invest and stay in Myanmar since 2002?

When a fast developing country like Myanmar, choose to replant slow growing trees like Teak wood instead of fast growing trees, like palm trees for example, that means to TEAKCELL a very positive move for the environment

Teakcell care for the environment and believe that being at the source of Teak raw material to manufacture with a minimum carbon footprint is the best solution.

When exporting Teak as a raw materials, the carbon footprint jumps for no reason. 

Myanmar is a fast developing country and when you grow fast, you manage things with priorities.

Teakcell, being a foreign investor in the wood industrial area in Yangon shows that Myanmar Teak is precious. Anything precious is valuable. Anything valuable will attract more investors and the demand will rise. If the teak demand rise, companies will invest into reforestation and find solution to waste Teak as less as possible. The demand will get closer to the final buyer.

That is what we do at Teakcell: serve worldwide final users like carpenters, builders, Pro's & diy's, and small scale distributors. 

We also sell locally quality custom ''Made in Myanmar'' goods and wish to promote the ''Made in Myanmar'' label for evident economical reasons.

Do Myanmar replant more trees? 

As shown on the article above, Myanmar replant 600,000 acres (2400 KM2) over the next decade (starts 2016/2017).

It takes 60 to 100 years before you can harvest a Myanmar Teak tree. Investing in Teak forest is a very very long term investment. 

Recently Myanmar has made possible for any foreign investor to participate in the reforestation of some areas in the country.  

Teakcell sent an application to MTE to apply for Teak replantation. 

Teakcell wants to be part of the Teak forest growth for the future generations.

Any prospective investor is highly welcome to join us in our efforts.

How can TEAKCELL, or any foreign investor contributes to a better future of the Myanmar forest and Myanmar as a whole?

-1- By investing in Myanmar, paying rent, taxes, duties, training local staff and continue to invest significant amounts on the right machinery as well as research & development,  

-2- By applying to MONREC for plantation of teak tree,

-3- By exporting highest value added products made in Myanmar,

-4-  By focusing on designing best LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) Myanmar made products,

-5- Manufacture exclusively with traceable Teak logs raw materials bought on public tender basis to the only legal source in the world: MONREC & MTE

-6- Internally manage the factory with a maximum transparency to enable customer purchasing with Due Diligence

How does Teak grows? Should the forest be left alone?

Pretending that a forest should be left alone without any human management is a strange belief!

To unable a proper photosynthesis for the younger trees in a primary forest, human must harvest the older, bigger trees as well as the undesirable trees. 

That leave the younger trees a chance to grow. 

It is a responsible management to harvest the mature trees. We buy those old trees logs from the areas that we select.

Why is LCA the priority for TEAKCELL when making a decision?

Because that criteria is the main one that matters for my kids and my future grandkids to enjoy a better environment.

Please, make your own calculation of the best Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for a natural Myanmar Teak decking solution versus a synthetic decking and see by yourself. 

You can also make the same with Teak boat hull or any furnitures versus grp or most polymers and see by yourself!

TEAKCELL aim at designing products using the wonderful Myanmar Teak and encourage anyone to use Teak rather than any polymer substitutes.

Why TEAKCELL believes that there are non senses in the Teak wood market?

Why using 10mm thick teak solid wood on sheathing, for example, when QUICKTEAK will last over 10 years on the outside (if you follow our specifications) and use 66% less Teak?

Why using heavy solid thick wood solutions for brise soleil (outside louvers) on facades when thin TEAKLOUVER will do a better job, enabling a wider view, a faster installation and using far less wood?

Let's all be careful with worldwide precious resource and use them adequately. For example, a Teak floor parquet for heavy traffic could use thick teak with 14 or 22mm for example. That makes sense. Quickteak composite with a 1,5mm reinforce Teak will do a great job on your bedroom where you usually see lighter traffic. On your bathroom for walls, ceilings and floors on the other hand, QUICKTEAK will do a better job because it it a composite laminate that deflects far less under water/air moisture. The same idea goes for quality wall sheathing or ceilings on the outside around your swimming pool for example.

TEAKCELL designed TEAKLOUVERQUICKTEAKTEAKTAPEARCHITEAK in  order to enjoy TEAK wood as needed with minimum wastage once arrived at destination.

Does TEAKCELL says that it is better to use only composite solution?

In no way does TEAKCELL pretend that any Teak solid solution is wrong. For past generations of boatbuilders worldwide, Myanmar Teak is, the very best solution for decking and other strategic places on boat. Solid teak processed in Myanmar also prove great results when looking at its LCA. 

Use MYANMAR Teak wood! Use TEAKCELL products or any other solid Teak from TEAKZOOM (solid teak quarter sawn only, boards for boatbuilders and special projects) and from TEAK VENEER LOG BY LOG , (we slice one full log and sell the full log only without mixing it with other logs). 

How do we help any of our business partners on the due diligence for any sold product from Teakcell? 

The EU Timber regulation (EUTR), the US Lacey Act, and Australia's illegal logging Prohibition Act (ILPA) require companies to perform DUE DILIGENCE to ensure that the timber they're buying is of sustainable and legal provenance. 

Even if Teakcell product are not timber products, we follow on the same company policy as we do with TEAKZOOM when selling Teak Timber.

TEAKCELL, TEAKZOOM, TEAK VENEER LOG BY LOG can be traced for any single piece of TEAK from the official documents solely provided by MTE  MONREC to the final buyer. 

All TEAKCELL products are stamped and shows the official parcel number, log number within the parcel, product number within the log and the recovery of each log. We process our products log by log, not only to guarantee a unity of grain and pattern but to ease the traceability. Our minimum quantities does not come per m2 or m3 or any units that implies wastage but we supply by half or full log. 1 crate for export, 1 log or half log: not more, not less. 

Each crate or each log, includes the 1 or 2 butt end Teak log so that you can home check the depot stamps, check if the wood grain is the same as the Teakcell products that comes from the log and also make your own calculation on the logical recovery. If you have any suggestion to make the due Diligence more irrevocable, please let me know and if that adds transparency, be sure that we'll use your suggestion. 

Any of Teakcell business partner can see easily and fast if any products comes from the same log. The log out turned recovery is known to our business partners with full details log per log in a chain of custody using the blockchain technology (under development). 

Thanks to the record of MTE, MONREC, Third party and Teakcell internal blockchain, chain of custody, TEAKCELL believes that transparency will be at its best. 

We'll let you know more details about that within Novembre 2018. 

What coating solution for TEAKCELL products?

I have failed 99% of the time when proposing natural coating solutions or NO COATING at all to most Teak customer including my wife at home! Teak produce a natural protection that is visible when it turns to grey color instead of clear brown. Nethertheless, most teak users wants teak to keep its original color. If you really care for the environment, wave all kinds of coatings, varnish, colors, nanos treatment and go for natural Teak wood or natural coating solutions. If you care for the environment, wave all kind of cleaning, detergent, powder or liquid solutions.

Why do you sell Teakcell products log by log?

Myanmar Teak wood is a wonderful specie for interior or exterior decoration mostly on Luxurious Yachts, boats, bathrooms, around swimming pools... The panel companies prefer to design their panels within the same grain and wood pattern so that the whole composition works is unique and tell the story of this old tree...

That is also to help our customer in the Due Diligence process. 

 One log or half log that comes with 1 or 2 butt ends logs can be checked easily by any pro's. 

 Butt ends logs show log diameter for real. From the diameter you can easily appreciate the recovery of the log. 

 Butt end logs shows the grain, the color of the log and any pro can easily check if the color, grain of the veneer is the same as the butt ends. 

 How best can we prove that the veneer that you received comes from the logs we certified?

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